About MoonLight

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  • Producer : Jeff Smith
  • Genres : Drama, Action, Theater, Dance
  • Originated : July, 01, 2007
  • Location : Bryan, Ohio

Who We Are:

MoonLight Productions is a filming company, we offer services such as filming weddings, commercials, film productions, Producing, Directing. We have lots of different package deals to help fit your budget. We film with a Powerful Canon Cinematic Camera and two JVC Cinematic Cameras as well in 4K Ultra HD, in 16:9 Widescreen Format, and we offer DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Productions. We also use the new powerful DJI Phantom Drone and also a GoPro camera to catch really cool Point of View footage, and even underwater footage. We are also equipped with a green screen, professional lighting, and professional audio recording to suit all your needs. If it's a commercial, an event or wedding you want filmed we can come to you! Check out our services page for services we offer.

The History of MoonLight Productions:

MoonLight Productions first got its start back when Jeff Smith was living in Florida, but we’ll get back to that in just a minute. Our story begins July 2007.

It was a dark quiet summer’s night in a small town in Ohio, only the dim lights of the streetlights illuminated the sidewalks, Jeff was helping out on a local film project with his film crew. (Ok Ok, let's be honest, it was only the two of them, but film crew sounds way cooler!!) A friend of his named Corey was helping him with the production, when along came a shadowy figure from across the street. They both stood there as the shadowy figure approached anxious but curious. The figured stepped into the light and there stood a man. He introduced himself as Justin Hall, and wanted know what exactly was going on.

Let’s face it, not every day you see a ninja on the sidewalk and another guy in front of him with guns as there's a camera nearby in a small town of Ohio! It was during that time a new friendship was born, an at this point the thought of having a film production company was far from Jeff’s mind.

Fast forwarding a bit; Jeff had moved to Florida and Justin sent him a video to challenge Jeff in a staring contest. Jeff made a video back to Justin to show him where he was living but put a little spin on it.

Thus, Captain Smith was born, a sly cunning pirate who was left for dead (In the third episode) by the evil Dagger Dan and was now trapped on a deserted island. A couple of fun characters he quickly created in his mind that was played by him, and a friend of his named Dan who of course worked on actual pirate ship in real life for his day job so he had all the outfits and swords, it was perfect. He ran with the idea for a few web episodes but gave up the series a few years later when he moved back to Ohio.

After Jeff moved back to Ohio he had a small hand held camera, a Canon ZR800 to be exact, and a guy by the name of Chris asked him to help out filming theater productions. Jeff began filming theater plays and did so for quite a while. Having no prior film experience, he filmed the plays and begin researching how films were made and produced and how the final disc was made and looked. During that time he also turned Captain Smith into a book, called “Captain Smith A New Beginning”. His book was copyrighted in 2009. However he is still currently in need of publishing it. He also later converted it to a film script. Justin Hall, Captain Smith, and Chris were pillars of the foundation of what he has created today. After filming a few theater plays and being his own worst critic, Jeff didn’t think he was good enough, and closed MoonLight’s book for what he thought was for good.

A year later he was approached to film a wedding by a friend of his. Not wanting to let the people down, he borrowed a Canon XL2 from a local church. Which at that time was still a top of the line camera! He filmed the wedding and after it was delivered he was given great praise for his work. It was at that time that Jeff had second thoughts about MoonLight and sought out a way to obtain, not one, but two Canon XL2 cameras so that he could once again use them to film weddings, theater productions and business commercials.

The name MoonLight Productions was born one night when he was trying to think of a name for the company. It was a cold summer's night and Jeff sat at his desk with only a pad of paper and a pen. Sitting there deep in thought he wrote down many many names, about 3 pages worth actually he couldn't settle on a name, however at the end writing he looked out the window. The Moon was shining brightly through the window he slowly wrote the name MoonLight Productions with a capital L just to be different. An so it was born, MoonLight Productions. He worked on film mostly at night anyways so it was perfect!

The reason is because he feels that this is the best time when his creativity is flowing, everything is quiet, peaceful and there is no distractions. The name was appropriate and fit well, and on February 11th 2014, MoonLight Productions became an official LLC.

Over time Jeff has gone to great lengths and extensive measures to build MoonLight Productions, upgrade his equipment and always investing into his company and himself. This way he can always continue to bring the best production that he possibly can to his clients. All of those same practices continue today, it has become his livelihood and passion.

So you ask yourself what are Jeff's personal goals? His personal goals are to one day put his book Captain Smith A New Beginning on the silver screen along with three other films he has wrote. His dreams are to one day obtain a huge building where his productions and other people's productions can be made, a studio just like in Hollywood. On a personal level Jeff Smith is a fun, easy going, kind of guy. Always doing what he can to help others around him. When he isn’t doing movie stuff, he’s just like you, working a normal day job, playing piano, video games, outdoor activities! He lives by his own quote, “Making Dreams a Reality” because hopefully he can make his own dreams a reality just like he has helped so many others make their dreams a reality!