Meet the Producer

Producer Jeff Smith (Jay)


Jeff Smith originally born in St. Petersburg Florida now resides in Ohio, he commonly goes by the his nickname Jay and is the producer, director, camera man, 3D modeler, animator, lighting director, editor, musical composer and web designer for MoonLight Productions.  That’s right, Jay does everything himself! He started out in 2005 when he began filming DJ events for a local DJ in Ohio as a side job, not even using his own camera. However it wasn’t until he moved back down to Florida and began living there that he would obtain his interest for film. He always loved movies and one day his friend posted a video to him saying hello from up north. He had been given a camera by his mother as a gift before he left Ohio; it was a small camera, a Canon ZR 80 to be exact. He wanted to make a video for his friend to say hello back, but he thought, why not make it interesting.

Thus, Captain Smith was born, a sly cunning pirate who was left for dead by the evil Dagger Dan and now trapped on a deserted island, a character he quickly created in his mind to return the video message, which at the time was something just for fun, and few years later it turned into a book that he wrote called “Captain Smith A New Beginning” with his book copyrighted in 2009 he is still currently in need of publishing it. However Captain Smith was the very foundation of what he has created today, MoonLight Productions.

Jay has gone to great lengths and extensive measures to build MoonLight Productions upgrade his equipment and continue to do so today as it has become his passion. Also one day hopes to put his book Captain Smith A New Beginning on the silver screen. His personal goals and dreams are to one day obtain a huge building where his productions can be made. On a personal level Jeff Smith is a fun, easy going, kind of guy. Always doing what he can to help others around him. When he isn’t doing movie stuff, he’s just like you, working a normal day job, playing piano and doing fun things! He lives by his own quote, “Dream, Inspire, Believe, and all of your dreams will come true!”